Great Dane Noa's back problems

Noa's X-ray
Noa's X-ray

My girl Noa was diagnosed with dog arthritis (spondylosis) in 2013; when Noa started to show signs of pain by crying when she made a sudden run or move, I decided to have her checked out by the vet.


Knowing the breed and it's unfortunate problems, my vet immediately scheduled her for X-ray's of her back. When looking at them from behind a small wall, I could tell by the look on his face it wasn't good news..


He showed and explained the X-ray's to me, and came up with a plan to fight the symptoms: special food/kibble (

Hill's Prescription Diet™ j/d™ Canine), Trocoxil tablets and less long walks. He also adviced me to keep her back warm and prevent her back from getting wet in the rain. 


I must say the plan works relatively good; she hardly ever shows signs of pain, except for when she is making ridiculous moves with her Jolly Egg, that she still gets to play with once a week for 10 minutes (she loves that big yellow Egg so much, that I couldn't bare the thought of her never playing with it again).


In the meantime she got a whole wardrobe full of coats; raincoats, wintercoats and fleececoats. Luckily she loves to wear the coats; when I want to take her out for a walk and forget to put her coat on, she simply stops at the front door and stares at her wardrobe, such a sweetie pie... Of course she only gets to wear a coat when it's either cold or raining outside.


When and if her condition deteriorates, I will discuss further possible treatments with the vet. There are all kinds of therapy available to make her more comfortable, like acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, etc. For now it seems best to stick to the original plan :-)