Who is Great Dane Noa's mommy?

My name is Talitha and I have to honor of sharing my life with Great Dane Girl Noa!


We used to live together, just the two of us, in a very small (40m2) apartment in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, with the 'Amsterdamse Bos' (a forest, three times the size of Central Park, New York!) as our back yard.


Nowadays we live in a big house together with my boyfriend, his two sons and their dog Syrah. This house is even closed to the 'Amsterdamse Bos' than our apartment was, has it's own back yard and three extra people to get love and attention from!


When we aren't out 'scaring people' in the Amsterdamse Bos', we stroll around in our neighbourhood or hang out in our backyard (wich now has a doggy pool!).

When Noa's Spondylosis was discovered I found out I love drawing. Especially drawing dogs! I spend about 20 hours a week (or more if there is time) on drawing with PanPastel. As soon as I take out my drawing materials and put on some classical music, both Noa and Syrah slip into a super relaxed state so I guess we all love drawing time :-)


Noa is extremely playfull, especially for her age and in her condition; she loves her Jolly Egg, her tennis balls and her footballs. She created a game where she uses her nose to get the ball rolling and than chase it with her paws to keep the ball moving. So she is like a professional ball player! Unfortunately this game isn't that good for her back, so we need to keep an eye on her to see she doesn't over-do it..


Even more so, she loves here own invented 'tree-game'; it's like playing tag, but she uses the three to hide behind and run around. Super sweet! In case there are no trees available, she will use anything else she can hide behind or run around, like lampposts, concrete pillars and even garbage bins! She will start the game at any given moment by running to a tree and peek at you from behind the tree...so adorable..!


In the summertime Noa loves to swim or play in the water. Very few Great Danes actually swim, but mine does! I must say I'm glad she loves the water; it's a great way to cool down when it's warm outside, plus swimming is a great excerise for her tormented back (mind you, the water needs to be nice and warm...otherwise it will only hurt her back). That's why the fact we have our own doggy pool in the back yard is so super awesome!


Further more Noa is completely nuts about sand; to dig in, to stand on top of and to take inside with her (hmmpfff)... ;-)


Noa and I were used to taking two hour walks in the afternoon every day, which we have had to reduce to 20-30 minute walks because of her back. As long as Noa's back is okay, we will continue to have at least one 'longer' walk a week and try to join the boys at their soccer matches once a week (Noa LOVES watching soccer!). That way I hope I can keep her happy, while not risking her back to deteriorate too quick.


Meanwhile I overload my girl with all the love I have in me. She is my life, my therapist, my soulmate, my best friend, my love, my all...

I hope I get to spend many more years with her!