Who is Great Dane Girl Noa?

Born Tuesday January 5th 2010 as one of five girls, she was from the B-litter and named 'BeauBeau van het Spaanderswoud'. Her big daddy is the beautiful black Kaliph von Hause Tiefenbach (he sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2014) and her precious mommy is an extremely sweet harlequin named Beau (yes, she was named after her mommy!). She came into my life at the age of 5 weeks and I decided to call her 'Noa', meaning 'comfort' and 'peace & quiet', which was exactly what she was...and I needed!


Then I had to wait another five very long weeks until I got to bring my girl home, but boy was she worth the wait!


Noa and I grew to be true soulmates, being able to speak without words. Knowing Danes don´t often grow to be very old, we tend to enjoy all 86.400 seconds a day holds, whether it'll be walking and playing on the beach, lounging on the sofa or spooning in the bed!


When Noa started to show signs of pain by crying when she made a sudden run or move in 2012, I decided to have her checked out by the vet. He took x-ray's of her back and it turns out my girl is suffering from a bad case of arthroses/spondylosis...my world shattered...


We decided we won't be waisting our time on the 'why'...instead we'll be living our lives to the fullest! And making those 86.400 seconds a day even better than before! Be that with sometimes pain medication, special kibble and less long walks...but nontheless...with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts..!


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